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United States based musician, makes mostly metal music.
The AlphaStorm name is © 2017, Zachary Mair, this applies to all original songs. Remix and cover credits go to their original owners.
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Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the parts of my first full length metal concept album! From when I'm posting this, it will be available in about fourteen hours' time on all digital services. I will admit, it certainly could have been stronger, but I think it only suffered just because of how many songs it included. I've pretty much never found an album that has 12 full length songs that hasn't had a few meh points. Of course, I'm only going to get better as time goes on. Maybe I'll try and revisit Zodiac someday, in some capacity.

Also, today is my birthday! One more year older, and one year closer to death. For multiple reasons, mainly privacy, I won't say my age, even though in various places on the internet, you can actually find what my exact age is.

Finally though, and most importantly, Pisces became my first song to reach front page! I think anyway. I mean, I've had songs get into the thousands of listens and get featured and not reach front page, but it's always possible I missed something. Even so, the fact that Pisces got Frontpaged at all is entirely why I'm posting this at such a dead hour of night for me when I should be sleeping. So, whatever qualities Pisces possessed for it to get Frontpage, I am honoured and happy about it!

Thank you for all the support you showed on all the songs for Zodiac! It's been a real dream come true. I've been trying to make a full length heavy metal album for three years, so the fact I finally got good enough at recording to make something half-way decent that people seem to have enjoyed, as I said, is a real dream come true. My past projects like this have focused on one genre or theme, which fell through due to my inexperience or just unforeseen factors, but this didn't have an underlying theme except being based around the Zodiac star signs and was an independent album.

I hope you've enjoyed listening to Zodiac as much as I did making it! Unfortunately for me for now, this may be the last time I post with any amount of consistency on Newgrounds, as I don't have any stockpiled original songs. I want to make my Newgrounds page exclusively original stuff (with the exception of my Sonic Blaster remix), so, whenever I have a finished product later down the line, I'll be sure to release it here! In the meantime, my metal covers of video game songs will continue starting on Sunday of next week at 2 P.M. PST on YouTube, so if you want to hear more of my playing, head over to my YouTube page and keep an eye out every Sunday!

I wish you all the best, and I love you all! Take care!

~Zach (AlphaStorm)