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United States based musician, makes mostly metal music.
The AlphaStorm name is © 2017, Zachary Mair, this applies to all original songs. Remix and cover credits go to their original owners.
Take care!
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2020 is a thing that happened... and I'm not alone in many ways of wishing it didn't. A year that began with naive and delusion optimism turned into something filled with pessimism. It's hard to say that this year was good, because it wasn't, but it's hard to say it was all bad.

The mental downsides of being locked at home brought with them their own highlights. I don't think as much art as was created this year would have happened if we hadn't been locked. Not to say that it wouldn't exist at all, but rather, lock down meant there was so much less to do that rather than do nothing, people turned to their art forms or tried new ones. There was more of an incentive to fight boredom by starting a new hobby than there was in any previous year.

Of course, I was pretty silent this year. There was a significant lack of music, on here specifically. YouTube has been my primary focus, as I upload almost exclusively covers over there, and I'd much rather make NewGrounds almost exclusively for original stuff. But I did upload stuff, obviously. A number of original tunes, mainly metal music. Also uploading parts for my Zodiac album, which will be continuing to upload on Saturdays, unless I'm a big dummy and forget to.

I also have tonnes of ideas I've been wanting to get out. I have an entire album I need to figure out, mainly for its vocal parts. And tonnes of other original songs floating around in my head.

If you want to know how my YouTube stuff went for 2020, properly, you can go over to here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FaZTfGkyuk. This is my retrospective of my channel in 2020, so if anything outside of NewGrounds for my stuff interests you, you can head over there to find out how my channel has been doing.

I don't really have a lot to say, but I hope, given the circumstances, this year was as good as it could have been! It could have been a whole lot better but, it is what it is, and I hope you all had some creative growth!

Best and take care!

~Zach (AlphaStorm)