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So… it’s that time again for me to complain about Geometry Dash. And this time, and for the time being, this will be the main post on my page, just so as many people see the message as possible. So, let me explain my stance for those who aren’t aware.

First off, I used to be pretty deep into GD. I’d even gotten pretty okay at it (beat Supersonic which I’m still very proud of actually). However, in early/mid-2018 I began my process of distancing myself from Geometry Dash after an indirect push from another artist who will remain nameless. I had come to realize the actual toxicity I was setting myself up for, being as deep in the community as I was. And as of now, I realized most of my mental issues at the time had stemmed from that same toxicity. So, I’ve never been happier now that I stopped playing it.

But, of course, I’m not the only one who played it, and occasionally I get comments about GD on my music (mainly remixes of popular songs in GD, but sometimes on originals). And I’m fine with these comments for the most part (now). I’m glad they enjoyed the song at least, but wish they’d contribute a little more than “I want to use this in GD!” But, overall, I can deal with them.

But then come the more antagonistic ones. I’ve only seen one, and another which I see as antagonistic but I know wasn’t meant to be. The first was a complaint about a song I posted after I distanced myself from GD, in which they flamed me and gave me a low rating because they couldn’t get their few minutes of fun in GD. I’m not joking, I believe that’s on my Electrodynamix 2 remix.

The second came today on my “At the Speed of Light” remix, and is what pushed me to make this post. Now, the choice to disable GD use is a conscious choice on the part of the artist. They CHOSE to disable GD use, whether they knew what it was or not. Finding a workaround for getting a song into GD is NOT okay, and you’re going actively against the wishes of artists who knew what that meant, such as myself. In other words, please don’t find a workaround my decision. I disabled use for a reason, and would rather not be associated with GD.

I understand the irony that I’m making a post about it when I don’t want to be associated with it. It’s not lost on me. However, this will also probably be my final post about GD. I need to lay this hatred I have for it to rest, and largely have done. Getting these comments every so often is annoying but manageable until I get the comments that remind me why I left GD, such as the two I mentioned here. It shows me that there are still parts of the community (which is actually the core of my hatred for GD) that are no different to when I left them.

If you want to know strictly what my reasoning is: I do not want to be associated with Geometry Dash because when someone famous inevitably finds my music and uses it in a popular level, I won’t be a musician anymore. I’ll be a GD musician. And that’s not what I want to be. It happened too many times. Some embrace it, some don’t, and I would be guilty of being in the latter group. And as such, in order to save myself and you any grief of dealing with this, I’m making a strong statement right here of distancing myself from GD.

So, in summary, please don’t use ANY of my music in Geometry Dash. Don’t even try to find workarounds to getting the music into Geometry Dash. I do not want to be associated with it in any capacity. I’m apprehensive to lend my music to any other rhythm games and that’s largely Geometry Dash’s fault. Well, the community’s anyway.

Please understand, it’s not out of spite. It’s not out of sheer anger. Think about what you’re doing complaining about my choice to disable use from my perspective in future. Stop and think there may actually be a reason I disabled use. If every one of you did, I wouldn’t be here making this post to try and get that message across. If every one of you did, I probably wouldn’t hate the GD community as much as I do.

However, that said, don’t attack either of the people who made those two reviews I mentioned, if you also hate GD in any way. That doesn’t really make things better. You’re honestly making them worse. Passive action, in this situation, is a valid way to handle it.

Thanks for reading. I’m honestly tired of GD, but I shall persevere, and hope those of you who questioned my reasoning will honor my wishes.

Best and take care!

~Zach (AlphaStorm)