|DJVi - Cycles - Remix| Trance Song
|ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy - Remix| Drum N Bass Song
-Styx- House Song
-Remain in My Memories- World Song
-A Starlit Ride V2- Ambient Song
|Hinkik - Time Leaper - Remix| Video Game Song
|Multex - Gravity - Remix| Video Game Song
-Cyclical- General Rock Song
-Cyclical Preview- General Rock Song
-Niflheim- Dance Song
-Natural Minor V2- Dance Song
-Hypersonic- Trance Song
|Junichi Masuda - Lavender Town - Remix| Video Game Song
-Arpeggiated Circumstances- Trance Song
-Random Trance Test- Trance Song
|F-777 - Sonic Blaster - Remix| Dance Song
-Forbidden Accusations- Dance Song
-Death- Experimental Song
-Pestilence- Drum N Bass Loop
-Famine- Dubstep Song
-War- Trance Loop
-Hyperspeed V2- Experimental Song
-For GD Stormfly- Dance Song
-Volumetric Extraction V2- Video Game Loop
-Forgiveness- House Song
Isn't This Familiar? Miscellaneous Loop
-Quest for Perfection- Video Game Loop
-AlphaDynamix V2- Dance Song
|DJ-Nate - Electrodynamix 2 - Remix| Dance Song
-Speed Tech- Techno Song
-Overboard- Miscellaneous Song
-Thunderstorm- Dubstep Song
-Electrix V2- Video Game Loop
-Timeless V2- Trance Loop
-Deep in the Darkness- World Song
-Cluster V2- Video Game Song
|DJ-Nate - Electrodynamix - Remix 3| Trance Song
|Koji Kondo - Song of Storms - Guitar Cover| General Rock Loop
|DJ-Nate - Theory of Everything (Full) - Remix| Trance Song
-What we Take for Granted (Remastered)- Miscellaneous Song
-By the Starlight- General Rock Song
|Kazumi Totaka - Luigi's Mansion Theme - Remix| Miscellaneous Song
|Koji Kondo - Rainbow Road 64 - Guitar Cover Remaster| General Rock Song
-Ultraviolet- Techno Song
-War For Tomorrow- Ska Song
-Tetris Theme A 8-bit Remix- Chipstep Loop
-Ultrasonic- Dubstep Song
-Natural Minor Redux- Dubstep Song
-AlphaDynamix- New Wave Song
-Unnecessary Dubstep Loop- Dubstep Song
-Infernalis- Dubstep Song
-Supersonic (Updated)- Dubstep Song
|Koji Kondo - Magma Mine - Guitar Cover| General Rock Loop
-Supersonic- Dubstep Song
Waves Miscellaneous Song
Clutterfunk 8-Bit Edition Chipstep Loop
318 Dubstep Song
Vocal Drum Beat Solo Instrument Loop
ChipStep Loop Chipstep Loop
-Volumetric Extraction- Video Game Song
8-Bit Electrix Chipstep Loop
-A Starlit Ride- Ambient Song
-Innovation- Dance Song
-Cluster- Video Game Song
|Smouvmaster - JoshJepson Theme - Z Young Remix| Video Game Song
Time Piece Video Game Song
|DJVi - Base After Base - Z Young Remix| Techno Loop
Chronometer K9's 3 Video Game Loop
|DJVi - Dry Out - Z Young Remix| Techno Song
-Natural Minor- Dance Song
|Kazumi Totaka - Luigi's Mansion (Outside Theme) - ZY Rmx| Miscellaneous Loop
-The Electric Flow- Dance Song
-On the Road to Happiness- Dubstep Song
|WaterFlame - Jumper - ZY Rmx| Video Game Song
|DJ-Nate - Theory of Everything - ZY RMX| Trance Song
-Axiomatic Evidence- General Rock Song
|DJ-Nate - Electrodynamix - ZY RMX 2| Trance Song
Just to give you nightmares Miscellaneous Song
-What we take for Granted- Miscellaneous Song
|Junichi Masuda - Lavender Town - Guitar Cover| General Rock Song
Random Unnecessary Clutterfunk Remix Techno Loop
|Koji Kondo - File Select V2 - ZY Rmx| World Loop
|Koji Kondo - File Select - ZY Rmx| World Loop
-End of an Adventure- Dubstep Song
|F-777 - Deadlocked - ZY Rmx| Dubstep Song
|Koji Kondo - Dire Dire Docks - Piano Rmx| Miscellaneous Loop
|Kenta Nagata - Rainbow Road - Guitar Cover| General Rock Song
|Koji Kondo - Song of Time - Guitar Cover| Punk Song
A Challenge to You Guys/Girls Spoken Word Voice
|DJ-Nate - Electrodynamix - ZY RMX| Trance Loop
|DJVi - Water Drops - ZY Rmx| Dubstep Loop
-Hyperspeed- Video Game Song
-Nothing is New- Ambient Song
-Lightspeed- Dance Song
-Surfing On The Fabric of Time- Dubstep Song
Hirokazu Tanaka - Tetris Theme A - ZY Remix Dubstep Loop
R.I.P Jack S. (1989-2016) World Song
Song of Storms Remix in C Minor Video Game Song
-FunnyGame- Dubstep Song
-Climbing the Fort Wall- Miscellaneous Song
-Revenant- Miscellaneous Song
-Blasting Through Space- Video Game Song
-Retro Maniac- Chipstep Song
An Hour of the Speed of Light Miscellaneous Loop
What happens when you play with your new Midi Keyboard!!! Miscellaneous Loop
-Chronometer K9's 2- Video Game Loop
Open Light - Pereseverance - ZY Remix Video Game Song
-Start Game- Drum N Bass Song
Electroman Adventures Metal Edition Punk Song
Chronometer K9's Drum N Bass Song