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Life Update...

2017-11-24 21:08:59 by AlphaStorm73

My life has been pretty garbage lately. I have been losing my will to live, and I am just struggling right now. I love making music again, I just have no inspiration for my own songs. That's why I have been releasing remix so often. I just have no ideas. Hopefully soon I will be back with a new original piece, but right now I am out of ideas. So for the next month or so, I will release some remixes. Just whenever I choose to upload them. I won't have an official song of my own until Christmas when I should have a Christmas track released.


Anyway, thanks for reading. I am grateful for you all.

Have a good day.



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2017-11-24 21:35:11

Sorry you feel this way man and i don't know you personally but sorry things in life have been a bit rough but i wish you the best! also good luck with your music dude

AlphaStorm73 responds:

Thanks for the kind words. I've been just trying to push through this, and I should be fine.


2017-11-25 09:18:18

I hope you'll find your inspiration soon and everything will be much brighter

AlphaStorm73 responds:

I'm only hoping. I'm trying to push through this, I will get out of this soon.