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A Final Good Bye

2017-12-15 17:12:15 by AlphaStorm73

Okay, this one is sadly real. I'm leaving NG and I'm stopping music.


Now, I know what you're thinking. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Well the simple answer is that I need to move on. I need more time to be able to spend with my Girlfriend and family, so I need to leave this behind.


However, there is another reason why I need to leave. I've got cancer. Cancer in the liver. I don't even drink that much, but somehow I've contracted it. I'm sorry that it had to be like this, I just need to spend some time away from this until the inevitable.


When I do eventually pass, because Liver Cancer can't be cured, I'll have my girlfriend post here to let you all know, because I know questions will be asked. You won't stop asking if I'm alive until I or someone tells you. So again, sorry it had to be like this.


I thank you guys for everything. This is the best possible thing that could ever happen to me, and I'm grateful for you all. I just want you all to know that.




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2017-12-15 17:30:03

No. I won't believe it. Liver cancer... damn, man. I'm sorry. I'm gonna miss you a lot...

AlphaStorm73 responds:

It’s the sad truth dude. I didn’t want to believe it either.


2017-12-15 19:18:53

Stay in good spirits and try to keep strong. It's incredible that you could accept a fate so horrible. God bless you.

AlphaStorm73 responds:

I've always accepted that at some point I would die, and yet, I didn't think it would be this early, or well this time next year.


2017-12-15 19:25:07

Well... it's truly horrible that this had to happen, but see it as this: Live what you have left to the fullest. I'm going to miss you a lot, we all are, but you have priorities now. Go live it up!

AlphaStorm73 responds:

Best guess as to what you mean by that is that your asking me to continue making music until the time I've got is up. I've got until this time next year, so maybeI shouldn't leave you all hanging. But I want to spend some time with my family first.


2017-12-15 19:42:41

Nah, you can if you want, but I'm actually saying to live to the fullest and do what you want to! Family before fans!

AlphaStorm73 responds:

Great words dude. Again, sorry it had to be like this. I'm gonna miss this life myself, but I truly did it as a hobby


2017-12-15 20:43:22

We're all gonna miss you dude... i havent listened to all of your stuff, but the stuff Ive listened to is fantastic :) Hope to meet you up above when it's my time in the future

AlphaStorm73 responds:

Thanks for the kind words, I'm happy that you've enjoyed the stuff I've made :)


2017-12-15 21:07:33

Well then.

We're all going to miss you. @OfficiallySKYE is also battling cancer as we speak. Life is just like that. Live your life to the fullest man, I know your life was cut short, and so was mine and Skye's. But don't let that make you sad, spend some time with the people you love and leave your mark on this earth :)

Lot's of Love!

@Infinityofficial @Halo-Halo @OfficiallySKYE and @SoundUnity

AlphaStorm73 responds:

Thank you for the kind words I'm sorry that Skye is going through the same thing. Send him/her my regards :)


2017-12-16 05:40:00

Sorry to hear all this, definitely sounds like a good time to spend with family and loved ones. Have doctors brought up the potential for a liver transplant?

AlphaStorm73 responds:

They have broght it up, but only in passing, they haven't discussed it majorly to me.


2017-12-16 07:20:55

Well... Is the condition really that bad? Of course, liver cancer is highly aggressive and dangerous, but if the tumor isn't that big, it can be extracted with preserving part of the organ and then adding ray- and drug therapy. Or the rays and drugs can be administered before the operation to kill deposits and make the tumor decrease in size. After all, the liver can be transplantated. Anyway, even if you case is really that desperate, I wish that you'll be able to live the remaining time to the fullest and still try to find moments of inspiration.

AlphaStorm73 responds:

The doctors did bring up on occasion a liver transplant, but they haven't talked with me about it. I did only just discover the cancer, and I'm not sure how long it's been there. I'll ask them at some point how long it's been there.


2017-12-17 20:29:30

So I saw your doctor brought up a transplant... Try to discuss it in detail.

AlphaStorm73 responds:

Yeah, he was talking to a nurse, and he said that he could do a transplant, but it would cost between 400 and 700 USD. I don't have that much money.


2017-12-26 15:19:01

It is really depressing to hear this. I will miss you and your music so much (eventhough I haven't followed, I have definately rated 5*).

Spend as much time with loved ones as possible and make sure to tell everyone that you love them, even your pets.


2017-12-27 12:10:30

like @NonS3XualActionFig said, thats incredible that you can accept that. If it were me, I'd be fighting against the reality as hard as I could. That you can accept it takes guts, man.
I don't believe I've said this before, but I love your songs, and I'm gonna miss hearing them.
I'll keep your family and friends in my prayers.