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2018-01-13 10:40:44 by AlphaStorm73

Hey there, this is Amy.

I am unfortunately here to break this to you all. Jack did end up with enough money at the beginning of the year to pay for the surgery. However some complications came up and he died in the hospital.

As much as I didn’t want to tell you this, it’s actually been a week since. He had the surgery last thursday. I gave it a week for me to process this, and I finally decided you all needed to know.

As his girlfriend of almost six years, I am really going to miss him. I didn’t have much to do with helping with his music,  mostly because I don’t know squat about it, but whenever he needed it, I would help out however I could.

He wants you all to know that he loves you all, and you are all the best thing that’s has ever happened in his life. His funeral is tomorrow. I wish I could post pictures, but I don’t want to disrespect him.

As for this page, we will be leaving it up. You guys all liked the stuff he made. He’s had a natural talent at music since 2012. Being a guitarist of nine years, he was very good at interpreting music. He even figured out some songs just by listening to them. Anyway, you’ve all loved his music, so I don’t see any reason to take this page down.

This is officially the last thing tha you’re going to hear as updates like this. I have a friend of mine working on a project for him, and that should be out on his and our page in a few weeks.

Anyway, look out for that. I want to thank you all for being so supportive. You mean a lot to me as well. Just know, Jack is in a better place now.




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2018-01-13 13:59:12

May his soul rest in peace forever and his talent be forever remembered.


2018-01-13 14:16:04

Eternal rest be upon his soul.
@TomFulp @Waterflame I think you two ought to know.


2018-01-13 15:27:13

keeping y'all in my prayers. God bless you guys.


2018-01-13 15:39:29

I'm devastated reading this, because he inspired me in part to try music. Well you're right, he is In a better place, but he deserves remembrance on this site as well. I'll put together a playlist of his songs soon.


2018-01-13 17:06:06

God bless him, this is really sad


2018-01-14 08:36:30

Sorry to hear this, Jack will always be remembered here.


2018-01-14 11:54:14

R.I.P Mr Jack