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Hi, I'm Zach. I do music, and kinda dabble in other medias. Use my music in your projects as you please, as long as you credit me. Love Y'all <3 P.S. NO GD USE PLEASE!!


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UPDATE: You're Right, but What Is This?

Posted by AlphaStorm73 - 1 month ago

Okay, I'm being as calm as I can with this whole thing. Yes, a whole slew of audio was deleted from my page, that's completely fair. I hadn't read the rules thoroughly enough, it's my fault for uploading covers like that, my bad. BUT, and this is important, two of the songs that were deleted were MY OWN ORIGINAL WORK! I have a picture showing what audio was deleted. The rest, all third party radio covers, they all make sense. These two though? No. No they don't make sense. Midgard and Futuristic Euphoria are both songs I made. The confusion with Futuristic Euphoria is fine, because I uploaded a version of it to my other account, Xyhthisdi1987, which I can prove is mine. I don't exactly have all the same project files, but I can get into the account and manage the thing. As for Midgard, if it's the name of a copyrighted song, I understand that, but you can't copyright something that's in a mythology. It makes absolutely zero sense.


So, why were two songs I made with my time and effort removed? For what unbeknownst reason were the songs removed? I can only guess. Both songs I released through DistroKid, which means somewhere along the line, they were picked up as songs that didn't belong to me, because they were under a different name. I put them under my Xythisdi name. I would have changed it, but I didn't have the ability to, based on DistroKid's service. On top of that, I can also only assume they were also picked up as reuploads of the songs, even though I have the Midgard project file, at the very least. I have messages between me and another music producer who helped to record the vocals for Midgard where he sent me the vocal tracks. As for the other, it's the exact same situation, but there's one major thing that confuses me with this whole thing; why weren't my seven weeks of video game covers removed? I know they're not radio songs, but they still have a copyright to them, and I should have permission to them before uploading. And, they're also songs I released under the Xythisdi name. Also, why wasn't the whole Norse Worlds album removed? This makes no sense.

So, I'm remaining as calm as I can. @TomFulp, what happened here? I understand my Metallica and Toto covers, but why did music I have proof of ownership get deleted? Also, why did this thing only happen to me? I uploaded consistent Metallica covers, but there is a VAST array of Metallica covers on NewGrounds, some from YEARS before I uploaded any. This doesn't make any sense, on top of the whole original music thing. I'm not shifting blame, nor trying to blame you, Tom. You're the best person to be reaching out to, is all. You'd know about this whole thing. I just want to know; why was music I have proof of ownership for get deleted? And why was this only targeted at me?