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Ooh, I'm so digging this. Great track in the first thirty seconds.

Pros: It's super happy. Even if it's at a slow 100, it feels so well balanced. You've got a balance between the speed, and the feeling. I like how it started out kind of quiet, and then grew from there. This is one style of music I was hoping to see again from you. I honestly preferred the classic Orchestral Techno style of your older stuff like Time Machine, and Glorious morning, so seeing this again is a really nice thing, especially as an avid fan of your music, even going as far as to analyze every single part like this. The mid point break in this added to the song so much. I like how it just goes quiet, and builds up again. This is such a great track, and I can't give you anymore appraisal, because I don't have anything else to give, but if I did, I probably would have used it up really quickly anyway.

Cons: I honestly couldn't see any major flaws with this. I think one thing I have to say is the song feels like it drags. While you kept it fresh by constantly changing the track, it still felt slightly repetitive to me. But, that doesn't change what my end rating will be.

Overall, my personal favorite of the year. I look forward to more. Maybe you'll outdo this ;) Anyway, solid 5/5 from me. Keep at it Chris!


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Oh, sounding good, my man.

Pros: Great leads, great drums, great basses, great chords, great feel. This is one of the NightKILLA variety, as I like to call it. NightKILLA style is what I love to see. The drop is huge, and just amazing. I love the drop so much, as repetitive as it gets. Love this so much.

Cons: Not many. Main one is how repetitive this gets. It's not a bad thing, per say, but I just think that it needs a little more to it, and not be quite as repetitive. That's really all there is to the cons.

Overall great. Second drop is great, first drop is great, song is great. This is one of my favorites from you in recent memory. I'd call this your best this year. 5/5 from me :)


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RTMC responds:

Thanks dude!

It's not a bad track. As a more experienced producer, I need to say some things.

Pros: This utilizes a lot of my favorite sound effects. I love the arps and trancey pads. I can hear the sound of Magical8bitplug, which is one of my favorite synths. The drums have a good feel to them and they fit really well. The build ups are awesome.

Cons: Not may actually. The second drop kicked in a little late, and I thought it would have worked better if it came in sooner. The drums, despite fitting well, actually sound sort of average and low end. And it gets a tiny bit repetitive over time.

Overall great track. 4.5/5

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