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It's not a bad track. As a more experienced producer, I need to say some things.

Pros: This utilizes a lot of my favorite sound effects. I love the arps and trancey pads. I can hear the sound of Magical8bitplug, which is one of my favorite synths. The drums have a good feel to them and they fit really well. The build ups are awesome.

Cons: Not may actually. The second drop kicked in a little late, and I thought it would have worked better if it came in sooner. The drums, despite fitting well, actually sound sort of average and low end. And it gets a tiny bit repetitive over time.

Overall great track. 4.5/5

Can definitely hear the Serum synth in it. It's great to hear you getting up in the world like this.

Pros: This is already my favorite song you've made in recent memory. You keep on making track after track and they always get better. But once you start there's no where else to go but up. This has the traditional dubstep beat, that I love. I think the drums fit very well, and the synths do as well.

Cons: I'd say, make it a little less repetitive. Certain parts also feel a bit empty. Don't get me wrong, in some songs, emptiness is a good thing, I just thing some parts need to be fuller, if you catch my drift. Also you can can kinda see the 'experimenting with serum' it's a little bit messy, so I'd say try making it a little more complete before you post. I also feel that the ending was a bit abrupt.

Overall, this was great. I loved it. 5/5

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Yep, it's dubstep. I mean, there are a few things I need to say.

Pros: The build up to the drop was epic, the drums and synths are amazing, I really like the synth types you used. I like the key you chose. D minor, you don't usually hear that. Usually it's something like D# minor or something like that.

Cons: The first drop felt a little empty and the part after the first drop was the same story. In fact both drops were much the same story. They felt empty. But I can't find any decent criticism to make other than make the drops feel a little less empty.

For a new style it's not bad at all. 4/5

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Thanks for the comment!

I'm a musician. I will except any tips from professionals.

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