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Sounding good Hunter. Some notes for ya,

Pros: When the drums go 8-bit towards the end, I thought that sounded cool, and so did the glass crash sound. The drums sound great. I love the MTPowerKit 2. I used to use that a lot until I switched to EZDrummer, but it really did sound good. I like you synth choices, and your guitar tone.

Cons: The kick is way too loud. It drowned out the guitar, and gave it a sidechain feel, which doesn't work in the world of metal. And, speaking of the guitar, you really need to work on your recordings. The guitar felt slightly off time to me, and it dragged from it a bit. And, While I liked the tone, I think it needed a little bit more EQing on it.

Overall, you did good here, my dude. While it does need a bit of adjusting, it will come to you with practice. It sounds great. We really should do that collab sometime. 4/5 from me, well done :)

Take care!

Ooh, I like this. Within one minute of listening and it sounds so good. I love the drums and FX you used in it. I hope you make more stuff like this, 'cuz it's just awesome. I do like the drums, but even with the kick under it, it didn't feel powerful enough, I could supply you with some of my drums if you want them. Other than that minor gripe, I love what you've made. Keep it up.

Take care!

Heh, the very first thing I noticed was the use of FL Keys, which is fine, just noticing it. Yeah, FL is truly worth it when you get down to it. While it doesn't have some of the same stuff as Ableton or some other programs, it's still pretty neato, and is worth the two hundred you shell out for, in my opinion, the best version.

It's a great song too, you did nice with the piano and chords, etc. It does use a small amount of patterns, which is a great thing to note, the fewer patterns the better right? Well, okay not quite xD Some of the more experienced artists in FL, including myself, use on average fifteen to twenty-five patterns in a single song so yeah, that's a thing. This is a great starting point for your use of FL Studio.

Take care!

Zophar responds:

I am going to buy producer edition in the future. But yeah. Thanks for the review! I think the FL Keys are nice!

Hi, I'm Zach. I do music, and kinda dabble in other medias. Use my music in your projects as you please, as long as you credit me. Love Y'all <3

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