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Ayo, Lemons, been a while. Great welcome back track here.

Pros: First things first, the shape of the wave form. Not really something you can control, it's just really funny xD Okay, real criticism. You did good with the track. You have quite the energy built up over the course. It's a great happy bouncy track, and it fits the name well.

Cons: Not many. I think the drums weren't really strong enough. They were good, but they need to be a little stonger. And, I think this is too quiet to do it justice. It needs more volume.

All I can really say for the track there. I liked the synths and it sounded cool. I'm digging it. 4/5 from me, my guy. Keep it up :)

Take care!

Alrighty, so from what I can tell, you're switching more to classical pieces. I'm digging this one with it's arpegiating piano. I love the use of the dominant sevens and use of strings. The Piano melody has some really good feeling to it. You definitely did good with the dynamics too. This a bit of chromaticism to it too. You've used some slight chromatic scales, and it works really well. This has a lot of feeling. I also like the piano and want to use it (seriously what is it :P)

I'm glad you're still doing music, even if your inspiration and whole drive has been lost over time. I think you have some amazing talent.... actually, come to think of it, we should collab sometime. I'll leave that to your choice.

5/5 from me. Well done, dude!

Take care!

OpenLight responds:

Thank you! I'd definitely be interested in collaborating in the future once I can get my groove back, for lack of a better way to put it.

I really appreciate your compliments, both to me and to this song specifically. The name of the piano I used is The Maverick, which Native Instruments sells, though to be honest, I think a lot of free VST pianos could sound just as good as long as you get the reverb to sound right and you mess around with note velocity to give it some depth and replicate the sound of a person playing on a real piano.

Again, thank you! I appreciate your quick review!

Yo, dude, below me, the beats don't make up the whole song and define it's genre. You need more than the beats to describe what the genre is. This needs more bass, more growls, and more going on in it. The snare needs massive fixing, the kick needs a stronger sidechain and everything needs fixing.

Again, the beats don't decide the genre.

Though, about the song, you did good. I've seen you say many times that this is outdated compared to anything else you make, which makes this excusable. Me and that Xyhthisdi guy are the same guy, so I have listened to it again and given it some slack. You did good, since you have truly changed style since it.

Take care!

Hi, I'm Zach. I do music, and kinda dabble in other medias. Use my music in your projects as you please, as long as you credit me. Love Y'all <3 P.S. NO GD USE PLEASE!!


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