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What's to come...

2017-09-29 22:20:15 by AlphaStorm73

So, I am excited. I am finally going to be releasing a track that will by my original again. It sounds super cool right now and I am excited for what's to come.


But, I want to know, what do you guys want me to remake next. I have run out of ideas for songs to remake, so let me know.


That's all I have to say, so I'll see you all later.



Hey there everyone. Time for an update on my life.

So, for starters, thank you all for your support for me. It's really moving to see that you care. It's been hard since Jake, but no worries everyone, I'll be completely fine.

Second, I need to make a few updates to some songs, I will be completely reuploading these songs specifically, and deleting the older versions, I'll explain more about that later.

Third, I've been running out of creativity lately, I actually want to drop some electronic pieces, but I don't want to give up on electronic all together. I still love electronic, but my current love is in more orchestral pieces now, I just don't have any good orchestral VST's to use.

But enough about me, I want to know how you have all been, I broke the promise of one remix per week, but I just couldn't find the time to make the remixes. But obviously, in my absence, you have all been up to your day to day business, but lacking some inspiring music to listen to (Inspirational part in the words of Instaskillz not me). So, how have you all been recently? Let me know (or don't)

Thanks - AlphaStorm

Next Remix

2017-08-06 14:10:14 by AlphaStorm73

Whoever guesses correctly will be PM'd by me, and will get early access to listening to the next remix, plus my 'Dark Blue' album free.



'It's pretty 'Dynamic"

Why I took a break

2017-08-05 21:24:45 by AlphaStorm73

So, I have permission to talk about this. This is the story of what happened, and why I needed a break:

My good buddy, under the name of Jakob (Last name will not be given for privacy sake), has unforunately passed away after a suicide attempt.

I found him in his room last Thursday, the 27th of July, in a very critical condition. I got him an ambulance, and his parents were flown out to LA to stick with him.

He was put on life support that day. On the 28th the doctor told us that he had no way of surviving such an ordeal.

We elected to keep him on life support for another couple of days, but the doctors just said there was no point to keep him on life support because he physically can't survive. So we took him of life support on the 30th of July and the next day, he passed away in peace.

Jake had no social media, and no online connections in any way. So you can't find him anywhere. But he was a High School best friend, and we went to the same college, and lived in the same house.

I never had any siblings, so he was like a brother to me. I am really going to miss him, because he really influenced me with my music, and would be the judge for everything, and give me tips. So, I am very nervous about all of my music in the future, because he is the one who helped me so much (Maybe I'll have @DJ-Frosted judge my music because he seems to know a lot more than I do).

Also the reason I posted today, was because I feel like I'm letting people down by not posting. I am working on a project that will be entirely dedicated to him, which should be out around late September. But for now, while you all wait for that, I will be releasing a remix every week until that comes out.

I'd like to thank @InstaSkillz and all of my 16 fans for the support. but for now, R.I.P. Jake and I'll see you all next week.


2017-08-02 23:58:13 by AlphaStorm73

Hi there friends, so this will probably be the last post I ever make on NG for a while.

If you saw the song from earlier today, you'll know that I'm in depression. I have a few things I need to work out in my personal life, and I am also lacking inspiration as it is.

If I'm honest, music itself also feels like a chore to me, and I haven't been enjoying it as much as I used to. I want to love music but, I just don't currently, and again it feels like a chore.

As for my personal life, well that's something that should be left in my personal life, and no one can know until me and everyone involved are comfortable for me to talk about it in public.

I, also, am sorry that this may end up being the last post I make on NG ever.  I love the site but, I just need to get all of what's happening out of my system before I can come back to this site.

As for now, thanks for everything. The community here is awesome and willing to give constructive critisism.

Thanks - AlphaStorm


2017-07-30 13:49:22 by AlphaStorm73

Just so everyone knows, my music should be usable in GD, it just isn't for some reason. I have tried  contacting @tomfulp about this, and he hasn't responded yet, I don't know what's happening.

Check dat Album!!!

2017-07-04 20:27:24 by AlphaStorm73

New Album. Get it here:


5 dollars. DTT

1 Year

2017-07-01 15:06:42 by AlphaStorm73

1 year since I started making music. I'd say I improve a lot.

Name update LOL XD

2017-06-26 23:52:40 by AlphaStorm73

 Name update: AlphaStorm73 

Does someone want to make me an icon. And by Icon I mean a background picture for my profile. PM me if you do.